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The European projects below are all a result of the collaboration of the COST Action network.
All the projects develop training resources for healthcare professionals, and they are free to download in several languages.
Some of the training materials are still in progress of being developed or piloted.





Cutting Edge Training:
Optimising medical outcomes for patients undergoing appearance altering procedures via innovative training of health care professionals.


Early care training programme for health care professionals working with children born with orofacial clefts and/or craniofacial conditions 


Health Innovation, implementation and Impact (HI3) – A functional training program on how to implement sustainable change in the health care system on a clinical level


 Act Now - A training program development for healthcare professionals to use the principles of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to facilitate patient adjustment to the challenges of living with a visible difference 

 Under development 


Body Confident Mum’s -
An Innovative Health Professionals Training Program to support maternal mental and physical health

Under development 


Empowering Parents of Children with Clefts:
Speech, Communication and Resilience Support 


Under development