Name: Julija RADOJCIC
Country: Serbia
Degrees: Ph.D., M.Sc., Specialist in Orthodontics
Current job title: Assistant Professor
Institution: Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš
Short autobiography:

The focus of my research is orthodontic care of children with cleft lip and palate, both immediately after birth (within presurgical preparation) and until the end of the period of growth (the age of 18 ). Taking into consideration the fact that orthodontic treatment of children with cleft is closely related to the appearance of the face of the patient suffering from this condition, psychosomatic aspect of research of both children and their parents is also the subject of my research.

Reason for joining: Above all, to enable my country to join medical network and to give its contribution to the creation of a uniform protocol. The final aim is to help patients with cleft lip and palate.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Aspect of appearance of the face of the patient with cleft lip and palate in comparison with psycosocial and public health in medical affairs: a) training of public health employees for work with patients suffering from cleft lip and palate b) how the appearance of the face of a person with cleft affects education, as well as training, employment and the overall quality of life.
COST Actions Outcomes:
E-mail: julija@medfak.ni.ac.rs
Link to institution: www.medfak.ni.ac.rs