Country: Bulgaria
Degrees: Md, PhD
Current job title: Professor ,Head of Plastic and craniofacial Unit
Institution: Medical University of Plovdiv
Short autobiography:

My MD and PhD thesis are both related to facial anomalies and cleft lip and palate. I received my basic training in plastic surgery in Lille, France and from 1996 I become the Head of a Plastic and craniofacial Unit in the Medical University of Plovdiv. I have been involved in the establishment of ALA – the parent organisation for facial anomalies in Bulgaria created in 1997. Nevertheless this, a significant number of babies in our country are still abandoned to institutions only because they born with cleft lip and or palate. Thanks to the support of Smiletrain, ECO, Eurocleft – Eurocleftnet and the collaboration with the Medical University of Lille, France our Centre treats overs 80% of the cases in our country in the last 10 years. Facial anomalies are not a priority for our Health System. We have a functioning web-based national register, a national network for parents for contact, network for nurses to provide help in feeding, programs for co-funding the speech therapy and the orthodontic therapy in a national level.

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Reason for joining: As a representative from the poorest country in Europe I see the importance of an international collaboration in all aspects that may improve the situation in our country. With my expertise to work with non-governmental support I may be useful for projects in countries with similar socio-economic background.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Education of Health professionals in the front line, surgical outcomes, psychosocial support
COST Actions Outcomes:
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