Country: France
Degrees: DDS, PhD, HDR
Current job title: Professor in Oral Biology
Institution: Université de Strasbourg, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, IGBMC INSERM U964, CNRS UMR_7104
Short autobiography:

ResearcherID: N-7822-2016 - My clinical, teaching and research activities are focused on orodental development and anomalies. These anomalies exist within rare diseases clinical synopsis and are considered as diagnostic markers or even severity predictors, treatment outcome signs in some genetic diseases. They are classified as anomalies of tooth number, shape, size, structure, root formation, eruption and are linked to specific developmental and genetic issues. They exist in isolation or associated to other symptoms in syndromes. They are studied combining complementary and convergent clinical and preclinical approaches using developmental biology tools as the analysis of mutant mouse models and bioinformatics. I created, developed and am using original research tools (devoted clinical patient database D4/phenodent, biological sample collection, NGS orodental anomalies panel GenoDENT, mouse transcriptomic atlas, standard operating procedures for mouse oral cavity phenotyping) attempting to improve knowledge and understanding of the aetiopathology responsible for these orodental anomalies.

Reason for joining:
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Orodental development and anomalies
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