Name: Martina DREVENSEK
Country: Slovenia
Degrees: Assoc. Prof, DDM, PhD
Current job title: Medical Director
Institution: Dental Clinic, University Medical Center Ljubljana
Short autobiography:

Assoc. Prof. Martina Drevenšek works as a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine at University of Ljubljana and as an orthodontist at the Department of orthodontics at Dental Clinic of University Medical Center Ljubljana. Currently, she is a medical director of dental clinic. Her main research fields are biology of orthodontic tooth movement and craniofacial growth and development in patients with CLP. She is a member of cleft team and craniofacial team at University Medical Center Ljubljana. She is a member of National professional team at the Ministry of Health.

Reason for joining: To improve cleft and craniofacial care in Slovenia
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Growth and development of CLP patients
COST Actions Outcomes:
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