Name: Natalya BORCHENKO
Country: Ukraine
Degrees: Ph.D.
Current job title: Orthodontist, assistant of the department
Institution: Odessa National Medical University
Short autobiography:

Dr. Natalya Borchenko has graduated in Dentistry 1n 2008 (Odessa National Medical University (ONMedU), Dental Faculty) and in Orthodontics in 2011. She has done PhO 1n ONMedU in 2015 with emphasis on oral bone loss 1n low bone quality patients. From 2012 till present she 1s involved 1n undergraduate teaching as a lecturer in the Department of Orthodontics. From 2013 she is involved in CLP team as an orthodontist 1n Odessa and Kiev. actively collaborating with European Cleft Organisation. currently in terms of COST "European Cleft and Cran1ofac1al Initiative for Equality in Care " as a representative of Ukraine. She runs own private practice and specializes In CLP care, TMJ disorders, orthodontic treatment of surgical cases She Is a member of Assoc1at1on of Orthodontists of Ukraine (AOU), Italian Orthodontic Society (SI0O) European Orthodontic Society (EOS)

Reason for joining: interest and possibility of changing treatment protocols
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: CLP care, facial growth and secondary bone grafting, facial microsomia, condylar hyperplasia
COST Actions Outcomes:
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