Stjepan SPALJ

Name: Stjepan SPALJ
Country: Croatia
Degrees: DMD MSc PhD
Current job title: Associate Professor of Orthodontics
Institution: Universtiy of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine
Short autobiography:

Graduated, finished master and Ph.D. at School of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb, Croatia. Finished specialisation in orthodontics at University Dental Clinic in Zagreb. Professor of Orthodontics and public health dentistry at Universtiy of Rijeka, Croatia. Orthodontist at University Dental Clinic in Rijeka.

 Participated in an STSM - Read the report

Reason for joining: Participating in treatment of cleft patients, teaching students on clefts.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Quality of life in subjects with malocclusions and craiofacial anomalies
COST Actions Outcomes:
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