Name: Ronald P. STRAUSS
Country: United States
Degrees: DMD, PhD
Current job title: Executive Vice Provost & Chief International Officer, Professor
Institution: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Short autobiography:

Ron Strauss, DMD, PhD

Executive Vice Provost and Chief International Officer

Claude A. Adams Jr. Distinguished Professor (UNC School of Dentistry)

Professor of Social Medicine (UNC School of Medicine)

Ron Strauss is a sociologist of medicine and a dentist, with doctoral training in both from the University of Pennsylvania.

He has served on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill faculties in Dentistry (Dental Ecology) and Medicine (Social Medicine).

He is a member of the UNC Craniofacial Center team. Ron Strauss is currently the Executive Vice Provost of the University of North

Carolina at UNC-Chapel Hill and is their Chief International Officer.

His research focus has been on the social impacts of chronic health problems with specific interests on stigma, craniofacial anomalies,

and HIV/AIDS. He has long worked on global health issues.

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