Alba Ayuso Lanchares

Name: Alba Ayuso Lanchares
Country: Spain
Degrees: Speech therapist: • Master's degree in neuropsychology and education. • Postgraduate in early care. • Postgraduate in myofunctional and orofacial therapy Sign Language Interpreter Child Education Children.
Current job title: Associate professor
Institution: University of Valladolid (Valladolid) and Fidel Ramos Center (Palencia)
Short autobiography:

Education: Im a PhD candidate in the Interdisciplinary education program (on course), the tittle of my dissertation is: Effectiveness of intelligence bits in speech disorders.

Im speech-language therapist (2014), Postgraduate certificate of myofunctional and orofacial therapy (2015), Postgraduate certificate of early intervention (2016), masters degree: Neuropsychology and education (2017).


Teaching experience: Im an Associate Professor in the Department of Pedagogy (2014-present). I taught Introduction to Spanish sign language, Psychomotor and language, Pedagogical bases to speech and language students.

I am Final degree court and final degree professor in University of Valladolid, and in the University Oberta of Catalunya (UOC-

Conference Papers:

Ayuso A, Santiago R, Requies I, (2018) Propuesta de intervención logopédica: los bits de inteligencia en niños con trastorno del lenguaje. En ALE. X Congreso ALE: Nuevas tendencias terapeúticas y de intervención en la logopedia(pp. 218-221). Madrid: ALE


Ayuso A, Santiago R., Soto E.  (2014). Valoración de la evolución de un sujeto prelocutivo con   implante coclear cuando llega a la edadadulta.En AELFA (Ed.) XXIX      Congreso AELFA Logopedia: Evolución transformación y futuro(pp. 98-114). Madrid: AELFA.


Professional affiliations: ALE –Association of speech and language therapist of Spain, 2018

Member of the association representing Palencia (A city at the north of Spain). The responsibilities of the role are many: Organize courses, represents the city, publish the speech and language therapy in the country…

Professional training: I have attended many courses, conferences, workshops…

Speech-language therapist experience: Fidel Ramos Center in Palencia -Spain- (2014-present), treating children with language and swallowing difficulties, children with neurological problems, cleft lip and palate.


Reason for joining: Because of my work, I am closely related to the velopalatin fissures, I am very interested in continuing to learn, and in contributing with a view of speech therapy to this COST.
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: language disorders in children for various reasons: neurological, physical (cleft palate palatal), genetic
COST Actions Outcomes:
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