Martina Zigante

Name: Martina Zigante
Country: Croatia
Current job title:
Institution: Department of Orthodontics, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine
Short autobiography:

I graduated dentistry on the University of Rijeka in 2017. Now, I am a PhD student on Medical Faculty, University of Rijeka, and working as Research Assistant at Department of Orthodontics, Medical Faculty, the University of Rijeka since August 2018. I have only just started my scientific work, currently, I am investigating allergies on nickel and titanium in orthodontic patients, previously I did some research in changes occurring in adolescence in dental arch shape and occurrence of late mandibular incisor crowding. I am very interested in craniofacial clefts and my department also does research on Quality of life in subjects with malocclusions and craniofacial anomalies which I look forward to participating.

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