Vincenzo Tosco

Name: Vincenzo Tosco
Country: Italy
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Institution: Università Politecnica delle Marche
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EDUCATION, WORK, RESEARCH Education: • July 2011: High school qualification in classical studies, “Liceo Classico Annibal Caro” Fermo, Italy; (83/100). • 6 July 2016: Degree in Dentistry (6.9/10), Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, Madrid, Spain. Work: • 2016-2017: Part-time clinical practice in a dental clinic hospital “Santo Stefano”, Potenza Picena, Italy. • 2016-2018: Voluntary worker in hospital department “U.O. Odontostomatologia A.V. 4” Fermo, Italy. • Since 1 November 2017: PhD Student, Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona, Italy. Title of the research project: “Potential applications of nanotechnology and stem cells for dental tissues repair”. Tutor: Giovanna Orsini, DDS, PhD (Associate Professor, Italian Representative Management Committee COST Action CA16234, European Cleft and Craniofacial Initiative for Equality in Care). Pubblications, abstract and proceedings: • Mascitti M, Orsini G, Tosco V, Monterubbianesi R, Balercia A, Putignano A, Procaccini M and Santarelli A. An Overview on Current Non-invasive Diagnostic Devices in Oral Oncology. Front. Physiol. 9:1510 (2018) • Tosco V, Monterubbianesi R, Catellani A, Orilisi G, Mengoni G, Conti C, Procaccini M, Tosi G, Orsini G, Putignano A. Degree of conversion and microhardness evaluation of bulk composites after using two different polishing systems. Minerva Stomatologica Vol. 67 (S1) No. 2 (2018) • Monterubbianesi R, Tosco V, Conti C, Tosi G, Catellani A, Procaccini M, Putignano A, Orsini G. Polymerization kinetic of resin cements: comparison of two different polymerization modes. Minerva Stomatologica Vol. 67 (S1) to No. 2 (2018) • Tosco V, Monterubbianesi R, Catellani A, Orilisi G, Mengoni G, Conti C, Procaccini M, Tosi G, Orsini G, Putignano A. Grado di conversione e microdurezza di materiali compositi bulk: due sistemi di lucidatura a confronto. 25° Congresso Nazionale, Collegio dei Docenti Universitari di discipline Odontostomatologiche, winner of “Best Poster” in Conservative Dentistry, Roma 13-14 aprile 2018 (Italy). • Orsini G, Tosco V, Monterubbianesi R, Orilisi G, Putignano A. A new era in restorative dentistry. Chapter book of 50° anniversary of Università Politecnica delle Marche (2019)

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