Country: Israel
Degrees: DMD
Current job title: Senior Clinical Lecturer, Director of Orthodontic Postgraduate Program
Institution: Hebrew University
Short autobiography:

1984 B.Sc., Hebrew University, Israel

1987 D.M.D., Hebrew University, Israel

1993-1996 Post-graduate program, specializing in Orthodontics, Tel Aviv University, Israel

1997 Specialist in Orthodontics, Israel

1997 Clinical Instructor, Tel Aviv University, Israel

2000 Visiting Lecturer, Harvard University, USA

2002 Director, Predoctoral Orthodontics, Harvard University, USA

2002 Director, Postdoctoral Orthodontic Clinic, Harvard University, USA

2002 Instructor, Harvard University, USA

2004 Assistant Professor of Oral and Developmental Biology (Orthodontics),

Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard University, USA

2009 Clinical Lecturer, Hebrew University, Israel

2012 Director, International Postdoctoral Orthodontic Program, Hebrew University – Hadassah School of Dental Medicine

2015 Clinical Senior Lecturer, Hebrew University, Israel

Reason for joining: Interest in Cleft research and in psycho-social aspects of orthodontic treatment in cleft patients
Current research interest in relation to the COST Action: Dental anomalies, psycho-social aspects of orthodontic treatment.
COST Actions Outcomes:
E-mail: mshalish@hadassah.org.il
Link to institution: https://dental.ekmd.huji.ac.il/En/Publications/ResearchersPages/pages/MiriamH.aspx